Low cost dedicated server

Processor Type Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth Цена
DS Intel X3430,4 core 12GB 2x500GB (HWRAID-1) Unmettered (100 Mbit port)
1300 грн
DS Intel E3-1220v2 3.1GHz, 4 core 16GB 2x1000GB (HWRAID-1) Unmettered (100 Mbit port)
2000 грн


  • Remote reboot
  • IPMI virtual console access
  • Ability to install and customize any applications
  • Dell PowerEdge or Supermicro Servers
  • Intel Dual CPUs (up to 24 Hyperthreaded cores)
  • RAM with error correction (ECC RAM)
  • Software RAID-1 or hardware RAID-1/RAID-10 Disk Array
  • Debian
  • Other OS also available: Ubuntu, CentOS.
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